Top 10 Ways to Reuse an Old T-Shirt


When their time to be removed from the closet comes, do not just throw them into the trash. You may have old shirts laying around in the drawers and closets which have not been used for quite a time now and were just collecting dust. Turn them into something crafty and creative and most importantly, […]

Top 10 Surprising Uses for Safety Pins

Safety pins were invented years ago to keep things together. These tiny pins are lifesavers in several ways. Get your crafty side out, your creativity and your genius minds, and discover one these top 10 surprising uses for safety pins. Keep Thieves Away Busy streets filled with busy people are favorite hangouts for pickpockets and […]

Top 10 Safest Countries to Live In

If you are planning to live in a different country in order to enjoy your retirement plan or simply find a better place and environment for you and your family, then safety is your first priority. The first thing you should do before you plan to migrate in other places is to check how safe […]

Top 10 Scary Movies for Kids


There are all types of movies: comedies, horrors, romance, westerns, and fantasies. But here are also movies for kids, which are supposed to be educative. We all expect movies for kids to be a mixture of fantasy, reality, and comedy, with a lesson in the end, that will teach something the kids. However, some producers […]

Top 10 Gay Cartoon Characters


It is true that cartoons are only fantasies or parodies, but most of the time they represent the life on Earth, just as it is. Sometimes, people imagine other worlds through cartoons, but they are all inspired from our lives. That is why, even if you didn’t know, there are some cartoon characters that are […]